Intro to Dialogflow

Do you feel confused by Dialogflow's online documentation? Have you already spent weeks trying to learn Dialogflow and still don't feel like you have understood the main concepts? 

In this course, I will walk you through building a simple chatbot which will introduce you to all the important concepts in Dialogflow in a systematic way. You will be able to learn the fundamental concepts of Dialogflow without getting confused.

Also includes:

Must know features of Dialogflow

I have edited a webinar recording on the topic of "Must know features of Dialogflow" and added it as a section in this introductory course. The webinar was recorded when Dialogflow was called API.AI, but the material is still very relevant. 

Dialogflow Video Glossary

The course also includes a Dialogflow Video Glossary which serves as a reference when you want to look up the description of specific Dialogflow concepts.

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What's included?

47 Videos
Aravind Mohanoor
Aravind Mohanoor

About the instructor

Aravind Mohanoor is a Dialogflow consultant/trainer. He is the founder of MiningBusinessData, one of the leading websites on the topic of Dialogflow.

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